Mandi Ledwith was our Bradley Method instructor when we were expecting our first child. She is patient and calm, straightforward and reassuring. Mandi is knowledgeable, and very good at sharing both her expertise and her practice with people who are open to it, and also with people who need a little extra nudge towards it. Her Bradley Method class was an incredible investment not only in our birth experience, but also in our parenting and in our relationship. Something I value deeply is that even with an early, unexpected, and urgent C-section without any laboring at all, I still feel like I had a Bradley birth. I┬ácannot recommend highly enough Mandi’s Bradley Method course.



As I approach the birthday of our first son every year and reflect on our birth experience, I’m always amazed by the gift of the Bradley Method, how even with an unexpected C-Section and no laboring at all, the tools of the practice were integral to helping me see what was good in it, and actively making space for more good there. I will be forever grateful to you for that.